A week of new beginnings by Jake MacMullin

It's been an exciting week at Stripy Sock HQ. Firstly, we've got a new HQ. We've moved in to a new office in Lonsdale St, Braddon. So if you're in the neighbourhood, please stop by for a coffee or ice cream and say "hello!" - we'd love to see you.

And joining us in the new HQ is a new member of the Stripy Sock team. Philip Blackwell has collaborated with us on projects in the past and as of today has joined us as a Senior Developer. We're excited about Philip joining the team and are looking forward to creating more great apps together.

Android for iOS Developers by Ben Trengrove

Mobile development is an interesting field. Clients will often think that now that you have your iOS app built you can quickly build it on Android - obviously that is not the case. Sometimes, however, there is no way around it; you need an Android app or a skill set and the only way you are going to get it is to give it a go. Perhaps you are an indie who has had some success on iOS and now wants to give Android a try. Maybe you are a professional developer who works on iOS everyday and wants to see what it's like on the dark side. Or perhaps you are the lone mobile developer working at a larger firm, and despite everything you say, your boss just says "well work it out". You find yourself googling "Android for iOS developers", or "Equivalent of UIViewController on Android".  Luckily, many of the patterns in mobile development exist across all platforms, and you will quickly find yourself getting up to speed. 

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Starting to love Swift by Jake MacMullin

I've been writing a lot of Swift since it was first released. I enjoy learning new things and using new languages so I've mostly enjoyed using Swift. I'm taking a conservative approach to the language though. I know Swift has many features that weren't available to me in Objective-C. I could be making more frequent use of generics, tuples, and using structs and enumerations rather than classes. I could use operator overloading and unicode support to write programs that do clever things with emoji. Rather than rush in to using all of these features of Swift in every line of code, I've largely been writing code in much the same way as I would in Objective-C. That is, I'm developing iOS apps using UIKit, Foundation etc. Most of the time, I'm writing pretty much the same statements with a different (and in my opinion nicer) syntax.

However, slowly I'm starting to really love this language.

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Stripy Sock joins the Australian Government's Mobile Panel by Jake MacMullin

Stripy Sock has been working with Australian Government agencies both big and small for some time.

We've helped the Department of Parliamentary Services think about how mobile technologies can be used to support the work of the Parliament. We helped the Department of Industry develop an app so people can find the most efficient household appliances and we're working with the National Portrait Gallery on an app to allow people to learn more about the stories behind the portraits (to name just a few).

Today the Department of Finance has announced the first members of its Mobile Panel: a panel of companies that they've selected to supply the whole of government with mobile devices, telecommunications services and related services. We're excited to have been included among the first eight suppliers on the panel. We're looking forward to continuing to help Government agencies as they focus more on mobile.