National Library of Australia's Forte / by Jake MacMullin

The National Library of Australia has an incredible collection of Australian sheet music. There are over 13,000 individual items in the digitised sheet music collection which is housed in the Library in Canberra. Whilst this collection is also available on the Library's web site, until now the experience of browsing the digitised music in the collection has been nothing like that of flipping through a physical score. 

Stripy Sock helped create an iPad app to make exploring the Library's digitised collection of sheet music more like the experience of handling the 'real thing'. The app lets you browse through thousands of items of music in an instant and allows you to share your favourite discoveries via Email, Facebook or Twitter.

You can download the iPad app for free from Apple's App Store or find out more about the app and the collection on the National Library's web site.

The app is also open source and you can access the source code at GitHub.