It's been a busy few months! / by Ben Trengrove

Over the past couple of months we have been working away on some very exciting projects and today I wanted to tell you about two of them that have recently been released.

ABC Kids iview

Parents were frequently asking ABC for a version of the popular app iview that was more suited towards kids. An app where kids wouldn't accidentally start watching the latest political debates on Q&A! ABC approached Stripy Sock to bring this idea to life and working together we created something we are very proud of. 

ABC Kids iview for iOS and Android!

Kids iview is designed specifically for use by young children and works great on both phones and tablets. The design includes the use of elements such as large buttons and minimal controls to allow even the youngest kids to enjoy the app. We've even included some features that are hidden away in a specially locked parents section to allow parents to limit how long a child can watch shows or to remove certain shows from the available list. The app quickly jumped to the top of the charts on release and was featured as an Editor's Choice by Apple.

Kids iview is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

National Portrait Gallery Australia

The National Portrait Gallery approached Stripy Sock looking to create a better experience for viewing their existing content on mobile devices. We were very excited for this project because we got to use one of our favourite technologies, iBeacons. Using iBeacons we are able to work out which part of the gallery the user is in and display only the relevant content for that area. We also included image recognition technology so instead of searching for a portrait by name, which is still possible, you can simply hold your phone up and scan the portrait to view information about it. The app allows users to get much more information, including video and related articles, than what is on display at the gallery.

The app is designed for use on iPhones and we think it is our best looking app to date. Let us know what you think!

The app is available on the App Store.