Stripy Sock can provide the following Mobile Related Services. All services are current as of July 2014 and we're not currently planning any upgrades to our service offerings. If there's a service you're interested in that's not currently listed, please get in touch with us to discuss it. All prices quoted below include GST.



Consulting to provide advice about mobile app strategy, enterprise architecture to support mobile apps etc.

$2,200 per day

Mobile app design

Helping to determine the concept for a mobile app, user experience design, interaction design and interface design. Determining what the app is, what features/ content it has, how it works and how it looks.

$1,320 per day

User research

Improving the understanding of who might use an app and what their needs are. Creating and conducting surveys. Analysing responses.

$1,100 per day

Mobile app prototyping

Developing interactive prototypes of mobile apps for testing on devices.

$1,320 per day

User testing

Recruiting users, developing test scripts, facilitating and recording user testing sessions. Analysing footage and reporting on findings.

$1,320 per day

Recruitment fees:
$1,000 per project
$200 per test subject


Mobile app development (iOS / Android)

Developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

$1,650 per day

Mobile web development

Developing mobile web apps.

$1,650 per day

Server-side development / integration

We can develop the back-end APIs that mobile apps interact with and help to integrate existing systems with mobile apps.

$1,650 per day


We can supply Bluetooth Low Energy iBeacons to enable location aware mobile apps.

$44 per beacon

iBeacon installation and configuration

We can install and configure iBeacons to suit your needs.

$1,320 per day