Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

At Stripy Sock we're passionate about technology's potential to improve people's lives.

Technology has the greatest potential to be transformative when we see it as something we can create and shape - rather than simply as a tool we use. That's why we're excited to be involved with the Early Learning STEM Australia project (ELSA).

ELSA is a project to help preschoolers become more interested in and confident with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) concepts.

We're working with the University of Canberra to develop a suite of apps for preschoolers, their educators and their families to use to learn more about STEM concepts.

Our first contribution to the ELSA project is the development of the website where people can find our more about the project and register their interest in using the apps in their early learning centre from 2018.

In developing the site we've considered the need for it to scale to meet peaks in demand and for it to be secure. 

We're using Amazon's web services platform including Cloudfront, API Gateway, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and Simple Email Service. We've created a solution that conforms to the highest standards of Information Security including encrypting data in transit and at rest.