Kids iview

Designed for kids

The ABC Kids team had a vision for an app that 3-5 year olds could use themselves to find and watch appropriate content. We worked closely with the ABC team to develop a number of initial prototypes to allow the ABC to evaluate the concept and test it with children.

We incorporated an irregular grid of shows so that children could use the shape and size of shows to assist in finding their favourites. Whilst adults might like to browse a list ordered by show name or publication date, we found that children preferred to be able to navigate using shapes and colours.

The early prototypes were a huge success. Children were able to find the shows they loved and choose an episode to watch.

Big screens

From the early prototypes we then developed versions of Kids iview for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

We also included support for both AirPlay (on iOS) and Google Cast (on Android) so that children can use the app to choose shows to watch on the big screen.

Big impact

The launch of these apps transformed how preschoolers watch ABC content, providing the ABC with immediate and substantial increases in audiences whilst giving parents the tools to ensure their children are watching age-appropriate shows.